Mercy Isle presents a soundscape that blends synth pop, rock, smooth vocals, crunchy-punchy layers of melodic metal, with hints of symphonic flair. 

We asked our fans to describe our music, and here's what they said:

"If Celine Dion joined Depeche Mode performing Dillinger Escape Plan as a musical!" - Roy Stegman

"[Mercy Isle's] songs take me various places. It's global, I'd say! Hard to pin down, actually." - Johan de Munck

"Fusion metal, since you fuse two different genres of music into one awesome package." - Marc Lejoly

"...melodic heavy metal?" - Sergey Pinchukov

"Do you really need to define awesome?" - Jennifer Davis

"Melodic Rock." - Meliesa McDonell

"How about 'Awesome Metal.' Has a nice ring to it." - Eric Eaton

"Experimental symphonic island fire and ice metal band." - Jared Poppen

"Power metal//symphonic rock." - Phyllis Rutter

"Goth metal." - Roy Stegman

"Pop metal." - Joop de Rooij & Evan Dungen

"Either symphonic or maybe goth metal." - Antonio DeMore

Mercy Isle: sanctuary for the outcasts and loners, the ones who've felt left behind and pushed aside. Here is your strength. Here is your voice. Here is your music. Welcome to Mercy Isle, Islander. Welcome home.

How they met

In 2014, after returning home from her third year performing in cover-music projects at Metal Female Voices Fest, and with much support, encouragement, and demands to assemble a band from her friends and fans, Kassandra approached her talented friends and asked them to join her in a new band, to which they happily accepted.

Band bios

Kassandra Novell (vocals) Past and present projects/bands include Enemy Star, Orphonic Orchestra, Dameus Calling, The Mill Dogs. Guest/studio vocals for Ad Inferna, Aesma Daeva, Alhazred, Meliesa McDonell. Live guest appearances with Aria Flame, 9MM Solution, Eve's Apple, and MetalFemaleVoicesUnited. Formerly Eve's Apple member.

Freek Gielen (lead guitar) Past and present projects/bands include The Theatre Equation and Marcel Coenen & Friends.

Eelco Slont (rhythm guitar) Past and present projects/bands include The Saucy Jacky Postcard, and Bo-El Guitars man-behind-the-magic.

Chad Novell (bass, vocals) Past and present projects/bands include Fibonacci Sequence, Casket Robbery, Second Soul, 9MM Solution, Orphonic Orchestra, Dameus Calling. Live guest appearances with Luna Mortis and Aria Flame. Guest/studio bassist for Heliosaga.

Joop de Rooij (keys) Past and present projects/bands include Galanor, Magion, Aranaea, Aria Flame, Transentience, Elemental Journey, A New Dawn, After the Silence, Legends Ghost, Ayreonotes, Team of Passion, Azylya.

Ywe van der Pol (drums) Past and present projects/bands include Galanor, Android Soul, and Team of Passion.

Former Members

Cory Scheider (guitar) Past and present projects/bands include Casket Robbery, Structure of Inhumanity, Luna Mortis, Epicurean, Bad Apple, Second Soul. Guest/studio guitarist for Aesma Daeva.

Adam Maltby (drums) Past and present projects bands include Casket Robbery, Second Soul, Kickstand, KillBourn. Live guest appearances with Luna Mortis.