Nov 16, 2015

Looking Forward

It's been one week since Mercy Isle has completed its successful first tour with tourmates Aria Flame. We'd like to thank everyone who helped to make this tour happen, to everyone who came together at the last minute to provide much-needed resources, fast networking, and support. A huge round of thanks to everyone who attended the shows and an extra special thanks to those who purchased merchandise at those shows (vans, hotels, and gasoline aren't free, so every purchase helps)!

You can watch live footage of our performance at DeLand Rock & Metal Fest on our YouTube channel. Here's one song we performed from our debut EP Storm, called "No One Will Save You."



Next on our agenda is writing and recording our full-length album due out autumn of 2016. We will be refraining from booking frequent concerts to focus our efforts on the album. We will be launching a new Indiegogo campaign in the late spring/early summer to fund the album.

Thank you!