Feb 8, 2016

We need your BRAINS!!!

Islanders! We need you!

Our next IGG campaign will be launching soon (for our upcoming full-length album & other stuff) & we need your ideas & suggestions!

We anticipate our campaign will need a goal of about $18,000 (possibly more). Here's a list of what we will apply these funds to:

*Hiring a professional producer, professional recording studios, mixing & mastering engineers (no more DIY)
*CD artwork & full booklet design, professional photo shoot for photos to use in CD booklet, posters & online promo
*CD duplication/packaging/distribution & related copyright fees
*New album merch (t-shirts, posters, etc)
*A potential short Scandinavian tour (round-trip airfare, lodging, petrol, transportation & a small food budget)

We can offer up to 20 perks. Here are some of our most successful from our previous campaign & some extras we've already received as suggestions. We need your feedback & ideas for additional perks, or any modifications you think should be made.

*NOTE* Prices include estimated international shipping, however, if Indiegogo has a shipping calculator tool (which I think it does now) we may reduce these current quotes to show actual perk price.

1) $1 Thanks! Your name on our website
2) $10 Happy Birthday Greeting Card Signed by all members
3) $8 Early Bird Digital Download 2 weeks before official release
4) $25 Double Trouble Early download & CD
5) $30 Album T-shirt For those who only want a t-shirt
6) $35 Dirty Metal Head CD, Early Download, & Kassandra's handmade soap
7) $45 I Made You Another Mixed Tape CDs from each band member (5). They'll make you a "mixed tape" of some of their favorite tunes from their music heroes. Hand-written playlists
8) $35 Kassandra's Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies A baker's dozen-13
9) $55 Fan Starter Kit Expansion Pack CD, Early Download, t-shirt, Album Poster
10) $100 Addict CD, Early Download, t-shirt, Poster, Thank you in CD booklet & handwritten lyrics
11) $500 Island Misfit King/Queen CD, Early Download, t-shirt, poster, soap, sticker, pin, handwritten lyrics, special thank you in CD booklet, hand-written thank yous from each band member, private Skype with each band member (1 hour per member)
12) $35 Team Spirit T-Shirt Reprise A customer puffy-paint t-shirt
13) $500 in-house concert Must be within 100 miles of Milwaukee, WI. This is only for the 4 USA-based band-members. We recommend you & friends pool your resources to get this perk
14) $40 Signed Album T-shirt

Give us your thoughts! Send emails to