Apr 11, 2016

The campaign for "Undying Fire" has launched!

Mercy Isle launched their Indiegogo campaign today for their upcoming album "Undying Fire."

Here's what the band has to say on their Indiegogo page:

"The cost of taking music from the writing table to the audience is a lot higher than what most people realize. There are a million tiny moving parts, and every part needs to be “oiled” (a.k.a. paid for) in order to operate.

Your contributions will help pay for:

  • Professional producer Sander Gommans, vocal producer Amanda Somerville, recording/tracking at professional studios in the USA and NL, track editing, mixing & mastering
  • CD artwork & full booklet design by Jan Yrlund
  • CD duplication/packaging/distribution & related copyright fees
  • New album merch (t-shirts, posters, etc)
  • Roundtrip airfare, lodging, and transportation for MFVF
  • And, if we are able to do so, we hope to do a short Scandinavian tour following MFVF

It’s a huge undertaking and we’re shooting for the moon.

We have some great rewards as a way to say “thank you” for helping us cover our costs. From $1 thank yous, to the typical offerings you’d think of like CDs and t-shirts, to more personal items like homemade cookies and apple pie, Kassandra sending you a private cover song of your choice, to the motherload of merch in the Island Misfit King/Queen perk, and to having a song dedicated to you at MFVF, we have a variety of ways to make this campaign special for you."

There is also a link to the campaign on one of the navigation tabs of this website.

The campaign runs through June 10.