Aug 18, 2016

Undying Fire progress

All the songs for the album have been recorded, mixed, and mastered! 

Our next step is to obtain some ISRC codes, barcode, get the completed album artwork, and submit them to the duplication company for pressing and packaging!

Then soon it will be time to order t-shirts, posters, photos, special design thank you cards, shipping envelopes and bubble wrap, extra packing tape, get all our international shipping forms--baking cookies, baking pies, writing out lyrics, writing in the thank you cards, recording serenades and cover songs, and all before we fly to Europe for MFVF.

Soon we'll be posting an album teaser video to whet your appetite and give you a sample of what we've been up to.

Thanks for your support and visiting us here at the Island!


Kassandra, Chad, Joop, & Ywe