Sep 15, 2016

Album credits and two new reviews

Rave reviews have started pouring in, and so far the future looks bright.

Check out this review by Rainer Kerber, and then this review from Brett Kihlmire at Metal at the Gates.

Considering all the positive feedback, we'd like to give credit where credit is due. Here are our album credits (which of course will be printed in the CD's accompanying booklet):

Vocals/Growls: Kassandra Novell
Keys: Joop de Rooij
Bass/Vocals: Chad Novell
Drums: Ywe van der Pol
Featuring guest guitarist Sebas Honing on all songs except SAYING GOODBYE
Featuring guest singer Amanda Somerville on SAYING GOODBYE
Featuring guest flautist Jeroen Goossens on IF I COULD and SAYING GOODBYE

Additional strings/synth on IF I COULD provided by Erik van Ittersum

Featured choir members on COME TO ME: Kolin McCormick, Dave Boxhorn, Brett Kihlmire, Thomas James, Gerra McShan, David Zapp, Todd Herdt, Lisa “Ashton” Cochran, and Ami Bouterse.

Executive Producer: Sander Gommans
Vocal Coach/Producer: Amanda Somerville
Album Art: Jan “Örkki” Yrlund/Darkgrove
Recording engineers: Daan Janzing, Kyle White, Chris Kringel, and Sebas Honing
Mixed by Sander Gommans and Daan Janzing
Mastered by Daan Janzing

Some extra news regarding our performance at Metal Female Voices Fest XIII (MFVF)

Our Sunday performance will feature two guests: Thanos Murikka from Enemy of Reality, and Lindsay Schoolcraft from Cradle of Filth. Thanos will be joining us with death vocals on our opening song "Wake Up," and Lindsay will help us end our set with a bang on our song "Come to Me."

Kassandra and Joop are also partaking in the Friday evening acoustic set of "Metal Female Voices Unplugged" performing with various other musicians. They'll revive the 2015 fall tour version of Saying Goodbye with guest Aziza Poggi (Aria Flame) singing duet with Kassandra. Also, Eynomia announced today on their Facebook page that their singer Phyllis Rutter and Kassandra will be doing a duet during the Friday show as well (a duet between Phyllis and Kassandra with Joop on keyboards). Friday will also feature an acoustic version of "If I Could" from Mercy Isle's upcoming album Undying Fire, featuring our friend Lindsay Schoolcraft as a guest. More performances are planned, though the full set has not been announced. (Some surprises should be left, you know)

The band regularly posts behind-the-scenes updates in their Facebook group #IslandersOfMercyIsle and welcomes fan participation and discussion. Join the group to find out all the good "dirt" and be a part of the action.

In the meantime, the entire band (and our wonderful new members, guitarists Freek Gielen and Eelco Slont) are very excited be be performing next month at Metal Female Voices Fest XIII. Considering our members are rarely on the same continent at the same time, this is a special treat and reunion for all of us.

To Note: our performance at MFVF is our official CD release party. Undying Fire will be available for sale online and in-person at MFVF starting 21.October.2016.

Thanks a million to all our supporters!

-Kassandra, Joop, Chad, Ywe, Eelco, & Freek