Mar 17, 2015

Release the Kraken

The release date is finally tomorrow, March 18, 2015. Our website looks glorious thanks to the talent of Voa VoXyD of Ad Inferna, who is also an extremely talented web designer. 

Our single is now available for purchase on Bandcamp; there is a redirect link in our menu bar. We are also now streaming on ReverbNation. We will have a lyric video up later today to accompany the single release.

We'd like to thank everyone who has made this single release as smooth as possible and those who have provided consultation, including: Chris Wisco, Gogo Melone, Mary Sweeney, Esther Seijmonsbergen, Voa VoXyD, David Robins, Jeff Shaffer, Terry Thompson, Robin Stryker, Michael Woelfel, Chris Kringle, Jeff Schuelke, Sophia Jones, Gemma Fitzsimmons, VK Lynne, Meliesa McDonell, and Marcela Bovio. Of course, there are more thanks to give, and we have an endless supply of it.

Now we wait to see what the tide will bring in. \m/