Nov 4, 2016

MFVF XIII and aftermath

MFVF XIII was a smash! 

We had an absolute blast meeting fans, making new friends, and performing on Sunday. A million thanks to everyone involved, not limited to: 

Aziza Poggi, Bianca de Ruiter, Helcanen Val, Marc Lejoly, Nathalie Doktor, Maurice Hilferink, Janneke de Rooy, Jack Williams, Lindsay Schoolcraft, Thanos Murikka, Wendy Steenmans, Kristi Czechan, Sophia Jones, Eleana Dimopoulou, Pia-Kim Schaper and Cristina Mlynek, to the ENTIRE staff of the MFVF crew (stage, security, vendors, bartenders, kitchen staff, photographers, videographers, etc.), and all the fans and supporters who dragged themselves out of bed after a night of partying to manage to see us perform first thing at noon!

Now that we are over all the crazy chaos of travel and such, we will focus on completing the remainder of our digital orders from the Undying Fire Indiegogo campaign. 

Next on our to-do list is to start writing new music, and we have some things already brewing. Of course, we'd love to play more shows, so at the moment we're talking with friends in bands and supporters in other countries to see what we might be able to do with the resources we have.

We've updated our webstore so now you can purchase the new Undying Fire t-shirts, the album, and autographed copies of the album. Since we left a good amount of stash with our Dutch division, anyone ordering in the Netherlands can now expect lower postage rates! 

Thank you for your Undying Support!

-Kassandra, Joop, Chad, Ywe, Freek, & Eelco